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"I See the Sheep are Out Again" by Mike Sibley"Overlooked!" by Mike Sibley
"Border Encounter" by Mike Sibley

Unique Dog Pictures
The dog pictures featured on this site are totally unique. Each of the dog pictures has been drawn, using a graphite pencil, by the talented English Artist, Mike Sibley. The detail on each of these pencil drawings of dog pictures is quite stunning.  A range of different dog breed pictures have been chosen in the picture studies.



The Perfect Dog Lover Gift
"An exclusive dog or animal lover gift that will give pleasure and be admired for years"

Dog Pictures Online Art Gallery
The Dog Pictures Online Gallery provides instant access to each of Mike Sibley's dog pictures and are available as fine art dog prints. The pictures of dog breeds, such as the Newfoundland Dog Pictures, captures the essence and personality of the Newfoundlands  in these pictures. This is even reflected in the titles of these Newfoundland Dog Pictures - " Just Dreaming" and "Just Thinking". Just click on any of the dog pictures to access a larger image of the canine portrait with an option to see a close-up view - the dazzling detail of Mike Sibley artistry speaks for itself. Specific dog breed pictures are featured above.

The Perfect Dog Lover Gift
These stunning animal portraits are available only as Limited Edition Prints - an exclusive and highly desirable dog lover gift or an unusual gift for animal lovers of all ages. The number of prints for each picture are clearly marked. Once that number has been reached no more will be available and these pictures are given a 'Sold Out' status. Mike Sibley has been described as the "Sir Edwin Landseer of the 21st Century" and some
of Mike Sibley Limited Edition prints, with a 'Sold Out' status, are currently reaching a Market Value of 750 (US $1280). This type of dog lover gift may therefore have a future investment potential. If you have difficulty in deciding what to buy as a dog or animal lover gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries or Mother's & Father's Day then these dog pictures will make an ideal gift for animal lovers. Buying gifts can be extremely frustrating - these enchanting Limited Edition dog pictures answer the oft repeated family question:

"What can I buy for the person who has everything they need?"

Our parents often reach that stage in life where they have all they need. If they wanted something they would purchase it themselves! It leaves us with a nightmare of deciding what present to buy for that special occasion! Problem solved ! These breathtaking dog pictures make an unusual gift for all animal lovers.

"An exclusive dog or animal lover gift that will give pleasure and be admired for years"

About the Artist - Mike Sibley

  • Mike has worked as a professional artist since 1980

  • Mike lives in the market town of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England

  • Clutch-pencils (also known as drafting-pencils, lead-holders or mechanical pencils) are used to create his enchanting dog pictures

  • Mike started in business as an Animal Portrait Artist because his wife bred and exhibited dogs and horses - only a dog lover could produce such enchanting dog pictures

  • Any one example of his truly fine dog art can take over 200 hours to create - He works on one small area of a drawing at a time until it's complete

  • His dog pictures show the viewer the true depth of the beauty of the animal - not just its outward appearance

Funny Dog Pictures that convey a sense of humor!

The dog pictures of Mike Sibley convey his sense of humor - combine this with the character of the animals and the result are some unique funny dog pictures!

Should your taste be for the smaller dog breeds then the cute dog pictures featuring the Norfolk and Norwich Terriers are the most perfect cute dog pictures that you will find.

These enchanting prints are available as Limited Editions which allow close inspection of the dazzling fine detail of Mike Sibley's dog pictures.

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