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Mike Sibley
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"The Warreners" by Mike Sibley"The Spinney Woodsman" by Mike Sibley"I See the Sheep are Out Again" by Mike Sibley"Overlooked!" by Mike Sibley
"Border Encounter" by Mike Sibley
"Traveller's Rest" by Mike Sibley"Shetland Sheepdog" by Mike Sibley"At Spinney Cottage" by Mike Sibley
"Visiting Aunt Maud" by Mike Sibley"Whistlers Cove" by Mike Sibley"Bearded Collie" by Mike Sibley
"The Barn Patrol" by Mike Sibley"Spinney Lane End" by Mike Sibley"Just Thinking" by Mike Sibley"At Gunnerside Ghyll" by Mike Sibley
"Early Morn at Witton Marsh" by Mike Sibley"Groenendael" by Mike Sibley
"Rags, Tatters and Gentleman George" by Mike Sibley" Done Balin' " by Mike Sibley"Taking Five" by Mike Sibley
"Two of a Kind" by Mike Sibley"Vanished!" by Mike Sibley
"Peekin' Duck" by Mike Sibley"Just Dreaming" by Mike Sibley
Ready and WaitingThe Turning TideThe Cat
"Sutton Farm Sunday" by Mike SibleyThe Gardeners
Unique Dog Pictures

The dog pictures featured on this site are totally unique. Each of the dog pictures has been drawn, using a graphite pencil, by the talented English Artist, Mike Sibley. The detail on each of these pencil drawings of dog pictures is quite stunning.  A range of different dog breed pictures have been chosen in the picture studies.

  • Mike has worked as a professional artist since 1980

  • Mike lives in the market town of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England

  • Any one example of his truly fine dog art can take over 200 hours to create

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