"The Gardeners" by Mike Sibley

"Just Dreaming" by Mike Sibley

Limited Edition Print
Restricted to 850 prints
Breed : Clumber Spaniel
Technique - Graphite pencil drawing
Actual Size of Print - 11" x 8"
Normally dispatched from UK within 48 hours
Worldwide Distribution - BUY NOW!
N.B. Some countries may charge buyers Import duty
Price 28 (Approximately US $53)

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About the Artist - Owner of Mike Sibley Fine Art - MSFA

  • Mike has worked as a professional artist since 1980
  • Mike Sibley Limited Edition prints with a Sold Out status are currently reaching a Market Value of 750 (US $1280)
  • Lives in the market town of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England
  • Clutch-pencils (also known as drafting-pencils, lead-holders or mechanical pencils) are used to create his enchanting drawings
  • Started in business as an Animal Portrait Artist because his wife bred and exhibited dogs and horses
  • Any one example of his truly fine art can take over 200 hours to create
  • He works on one small area of a drawing at a time until it's complete
  • He tries to show the viewer the true depth of the beauty of the animal - not just its outward appearance

"My belief is that once colour is removed the viewer has to look deeper into an image to gain an understanding of the character and emotion. I mentally compose a story before I begin and find that this gets woven into the drawing."
Mike Sibley
Animal Portrait Artist

About the "The Gardeners" Limited Edition

  • This breathtaking Animal Portrait is strictly limited to 850 worldwide
  • By the artist described as the "Sir Edwin Landseer of the 21st Century"
  • Dazzling fine detail
  • Tender care taken to convey the vibrant personality and mood of the study
  • Captures a glorious frozen moment in time
  • You can be one of the few people to own a Mike Sibley Limited Edition
  • Investment Potential - Sold Out Limited Edition prints are currently reaching a Market Value of 750 (US $1280)
  • Order this fabulous Limited Edition print today to avoid disappointment
  • A truly enchanting Work of Art

"I imagine what the animal has been doing or is about to do, its feelings and its mood. Necessary mental images because my drawings only capture a frozen moment in time."
                                                         Mike Sibley
                                          Animal Portrait Artist

Only 1 in 7.5 Million people will have the privilege of owning this Limited Edition Print
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